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System for load balance on access points over WLAN and method therefor

Provided is a system for load balance on APs over a WLAN and method therefor. The system comprises a WLAN switch in an ESS; a plurality of APs in the ESS, each AP having a BSS wherein at least two BSSs overlap; and a plurality of mobile stations in the BSSs wherein each of the mobile stations located in the overlaid BSSs is adapted to choose one AP for connection from the APs capable of connecting thereto. Each mobile station is adapted to detect each connected AP and record the same, in response to connection to the AP the mobile station is adapted to report information about the connected AP to the WLAN switch via the connected AP, and the WLAN switch is adapted to cause any two APs to have a substantially equal number of the connected mobile stations by adjustment.

Electronic balance

An electronic balance of an electromagnetic force balancing type comprises electromagnetic force generators for applying electromagnetic forces for controlling to move a balance beam in a longitudinal direction (X axis) and a horizontal direction (Y axis) orthogonal thereto, PID controllers for controlling the electromagnetic force generators by a PID control, and a three axes directions position detector for detecting displacements in three directions of X, Y axes directions of the balance beam and a gravitational force direction.

Balance management system

A system for enabling a user to simply and precisely grasp various information on balances occurring in one or more processes. The balance management system comprises a server (100) and is provided with a DB (information management means) (110), information acquiring means (120), information updating means (130), and information providing means (140). The DB (110) manages information on a balance of each balance item and information on a correspondence for each process that a balance of which balance item reflects a balance amount of which process item. The information acquiring means (120) acquires information on a process item and a balance amount corresponding to the process item, from a first terminal corresponding to each process. The information updating means (130) updates the information on the balance of the balance item corresponding to the process item, on the basis of the information on the correspondence managed by the DB (110) and the information on the process item and the balance amount acquired by the information acquiring means (120). The information providing means (140) provides a second terminal (20) with the information on the balance item and the balance for one or more processes managed by the DB (110).

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