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Method for setting volume and/or balance controls during a hearing test

A method of testing the hearing of a user utilizing a computer system that includes a computer and a speaker. The computer can output an electrical signal to the speaker and the speaker is operable to convert the electrical signal into a stimulus. The computer system has volume controls that control the amplitude and balance between channels of the electrical signal. The method includes: downloading a computer program from a server to the computer; executing the computer program on the computer, the execution of the computer program setting a volume control; generating a stimulus; and receiving an input from the user that indicates that the user heard the stimulus.

Tracking error balance adjustment circuit and a current control circuit used for an optical disk playback apparatus, and an optical disk playback apparatus including the same

A tracking error balance adjustment circuit, and a current control circuit used for a variable gain RF amplifier automatically controlled to output a signal having a predetermined amplitude. The tracking error balance adjustment circuit comprises two separate gain adjusting circuits, each having variable attenuation circuit having first gm amplifier of variable gm type, a second gm amplifier of variable gm type connected to the variable attenuation circuit, and an output circuit connected to the second gm amplifier, comprising an operational amplifier circuit having feedback resistor, wherein the first and second gm amplifiers are differentially controlled commonly by a control current. The a current control circuit is arranged in a variable gain RF amplifier connected to a head amplifier circuit amplifying an output signal from optical pickup, controlling a current output of the variable gain RF amplifier so that it changes in accordance with different functions in the range where the control voltage input is lower than the reference potential and the range where the control voltage input is higher than the reference potential, with the result that the gain control sensitivity can be set almost equal between the two ranges.

Balance weight for a wheel of a two-wheel vehicle

A balance weight for a wheel of a two-wheel vehicle includes a weight body made from metal other than lead and a clip made from spring steel. The weight body includes a U-shaped transverse cross-section and a groove for mounting the clip therein. The weight body further includes a groove bottom wall and a pair of groove side walls connected to opposite width ends of the groove bottom wall. The clip includes a bottom portion and a pair of arms connected to opposite width ends of the bottom portion of the clip. The clip is mounted to the groove bottom wall of the weight body with the bottom portion of the clip contacting closely to the groove bottom wall of the weight body. The clip and the weight body are coupled to each other by a mechanical coupling. The coupling may be replaced by a local welding.

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477 20030009915 Balance stabilizing foot orthotic
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485 20020186349 Achieving color balance in image projection systems by injecting compensating light
486 20020180130 Self-compensating spiral spring for a mechanical balance-spiral spring oscillator
487 20020179337 Electronic balance and method of evaluating the same
488 20020178982 Sewing machine having balance
489 20020177964 Tire uniformity prediction using balance and low speed uniformity data
490 20020177508 BALANCE BEAM
491 20020175114 Supernatant liquid collector with balance weight forming function and centrifugal apparatus using the same
492 20020169124 Treatment of balance impairments
493 20020164039 Method for controlling multi-mode audio gain balance
494 20020161630 Loyalty reward program for reducing the balance of a loan obligation
495 20020140281 Wheel balance weight
496 20020136132 Method for controlling balance of photodetector and apparatus thereof
497 20020131635 System and method for effectively performing a white balance operation
498 20020130959 Venue customizable white balance digital camera system
499 20020129463 Block and tackle window balance with bottom guide roller
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