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Carpet with improved tuft retention

A tufted carpet is provided having a primary backing with yarn comprised of at least 85% by weight of fibers selected from the group nylon fibers, wool fibers, and blends thereof. A polymer adhesive is applied to the back side of the tufted primary backing, which adhesive consists of at least 85% by weight of one or more ethylene copolymers each comprised of 50 to 95 weight % of ethylene, and 5-50 weight % of at least one comonomer selected from the group of esters and carboxylic acids. The polymer adhesive has a melt index greater than 150 and a tenacity at room temperature of at least 5 Mpa. A secondary backing is adhered to the back side of the primary backing. Preferred comonomers in the ethylene copolymer adhesive include vinyl acetate, butyl acrylate, methyl acrylate, methacrylic acid, and acrylic acid. A process for making the tufted carpet of the invention is also provided.

Reinforced foam backed carpet

A carpet in tile or roll form is produced using an open mesh reinforced foam layer with foam nodules. The carpet is produced having a primary backing through which carpet fiber bundles are tufted and a precoat layer which locks the tufts in place to prevent easy extraction of the fibers so that a tufted face and a relatively smooth back face are provided. The foam layer with foam nodules is brought into intimate contact with the relatively smooth back face, and is substantially permanently adhered to it producing a carpet tile or roll that is substantially prevented from curling or doming (or they are significantly reduced) and may be installed without adhesive if desired. Adhering may be practiced by using a non-fused adhesive formulation which is subsequently fused at a low temperature (about F. or less), or by forcing the foam layer with foam nodules into contact with the carpet back while the hot melt backing is still in a fluid form, or by use of a thermoplastic layer between the carpet and foam sheet.

Carpet latex compound

A method of making a carpet latex compound, the method comprising the steps of providing a carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex, adding a rosin acid soap to the latex to provide a pre-compound latex, and adding to the precompound latex at least one of a filler, a thickener and a curative.

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