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Durable, liquid impermeable and moisture vapor permeable carpet pad

A carpet pad comprises a two-layer structure of a cushion and a barrier film formed of a synthetic polymeric material free of any fibrous substrate laminated thereto. The barrier film may be directly bonded to the cushion or bonded thereto using a layer of adhesive. The carpet pad is simultaneously impermeable to liquid deposited onto the pad from above the barrier film and permeable to moisture vapor at a moisture vapor transmission rate of at least 14.6 grams per square meter per twenty-four hours (14.6 g/m.sup.2/24 hours). The carpet pad is sufficiently durable to maintain liquid impermeability as measured by a Vetterman Drum Wear Test/Staining/Stain Cleaning Test after at least ten thousand cycles or under a pressure of at least eight pounds per square inch (0.56 kg per square meter) as measured by a Modified Mullen Bursting Strength Test.

Method of deodorizing and/or cleaning carpet using a composition comprising odor control agent

A method of deodorizing and/or reducing malodor in carpet comprises the step of contacting the carpet with a deodorizing composition comprising an effective amount of odor control agent. In a preferred embodiment, the deodorizing composition is a concentrated composition and the method comprises diluting the concentrated deodorizing composition to form a diluted deodorizing composition and using the diluted deodorizing composition in combination with a carpet extractor to deodorize the carpet. An article of manufacture for deodorizing carpet comprises a container, a deodorizing composition in the container, and a set of instructions in association with the container to communicate the benefits of the present methods and the uses of the present compositions.

Rotationally determinate, positionally ambiguous striped carpet tiles

A carpet web and a method of forming a carpet web having a striped pattern and color scheme that permits carpet tiles cut from the web to be installed without regard to relative tile positions and without visibly disrupting the pattern, but rather maintaining the appearance of a broadloom web. The web pattern includes parallel stripes having varying widths and longitudinal discontinuities. The stripes are formed with at least two colors or two shades of a color. The tiles are positionally ambiguous in that they need not be located on the floor in the same position they occupied in the web for the flooring installation to exhibit the desired uniform appearance. Instead, the tiles may be shuffled and laid in any side-by-side or top-to-bottom orientation (provided that uniform rotational orientation is maintained among the tiles) with respect to adjacent tiles without looking out of place to the ordinary viewer and without emphasizing the modularity of the flooring.

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