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A method of providing collect call service includes receiving a request for a collect call from a calling party (18). A selected number to call is received. A call is placed to a receiving party (20). Agreeability of the receiving party (20) to accept the credit card billing for the collect call is determined. The calling party (18) is connected to the receiving party (20) in response to the acceptance.

Credit card and a secured data activation system

The present invention relates to a credit card comprising a card body, which comprises fingerprint reading means providing fingerprint signals representative of at least one fingerprint from a card user, when at least one finger of said user is pressed against said fingerprint reading means. Said card body further comprises data carrier means holding at least card owner fingerprint data and secured data, and fingerprint authentication means for activating said secured data. The card body further comprises an electrical power supply delivering electrical current to at least said fingerprint reading means. Accordingly, there is no need for an external electrical power supply, and thus the existing standard card reading systems, such as ID-card readers, money transfer machines such as ATM's and the like may be used in conjunction with said credit card. Thus, investments into new standard reader systems are not necessary in order to improve the security of the secured data carried by the credit card. A complete and self-contained automated authentication process is conducted prior to communication concerning said secured data being established between said credit card and any of the existing ATM's on the market today, irrespective of type (automated or manually operated), manufacturer, version, or geographical position of said ATM and of credit card use.

Credit card supported electronic payments

A payment service provider can direct a payment to a payee on behalf of a payor having a credit card issued by a credit card issuer, even if the payee does not accept the payor credit card for payment. The service provider receives a request to direct a payment to a payee on behalf of the payor. Payment information associated with the received payment request is transmitted from the service provider to the credit card issuer via other than a credit card network. The payment information includes information identifying at least a payment amount and an account identifier associated with the payor credit card. The service provider receives, via other than a credit card network, funds from the credit card issuer responsive to the transmitted payment information, and directs delivery of funds in the identified payment amount to the payee to complete the payment on behalf of the payor.

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87 20040190698 Method and apparatus for forwarding caller identification for a credit card or calling card call to an automatic number identification system of a telephone network
88 20040188530 Removable media housed in a credit card form factor
89 20040188515 Pre-paid internet credit card
90 20040177037 System and method for credit card service linked with credit loan service whose bounds are limited with the amount of selling
91 20040169088 Non-rectangular shaped credit card with case
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