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Concept to invent software technology that will produce a hidden photo personal information and credit card number that can be installed in a credit card

My intended invention is similar to a standard credit card by look; it is a thin plastic card with an appearance of a major credit card on the front side, accept the account number, and with a white back which contains a black strip and general credit card information regarding the customer service number and address. It has a dimension of 2'.times.3.25". The card holder photo will be concealed inside the card, which no one will see until the card has been scanned and the photo will then appear. The credit card number is also concealed on the front cover. This card cannot be duplicated!

Foil laminate credit card and method of producing foil laminate credit card with double-sided printing

The present invention relates to a multi-surfaced foil laminate comprising an improved credit card and identification card having printed indicia visible on both sides through a clear plastic over-laminating film, the foil laminate comprising two printed surfaces, both surfaces printed by conventional lithography offset halftone printing. Alternative embodiments comprise a foil laminate with a printed metal foil outside surface and a printed plastic film outside surface and a foil laminate with two printed foil outside surfaces.

Method of providing a credit card driven tuition incentive awards program

A program vendor teams up with a credit card issuer who gives the program vendor a certain percentage of the sales made by a member card holder. The program vendor than appropriates a certain percentage of this amount and forwards it to the card holder for participating in the tuition incentive awards program.

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  Patent NO. Credit Card Patent Title
101 20040094617 Concept to invent software technology that will produce a hidden photo personal information and credit card number that can be installed in a credit card
102 20040076803 Foil laminate credit card and method of producing foil laminate credit card with double-sided printing
103 20040073480 Method of providing a credit card driven tuition incentive awards program
104 20040050928 System and method for converting a stored value card to a credit card
105 20040044619 Method and apparatus for credit card inquiry using cable network
106 20040044577 Credit card account reward system and method
107 20040024699 Credit card acceptance system in airplanes
108 20040024698 Method of facilitating charitable contributions using a credit card
109 20040007618 Prepaid credit card method
110 20040006537 Method and system for processing credit card related transactions
111 20030233331 Online credit card security method
112 20030225649 System and method for automatically investing in an investment or savings account by using the "rounded up" of credit card purchase amounts to produce savings/investment amounts
113 20030222755 Credit card sized remote control transmitter application
114 20030222152 Pre-paid debit & credit card
115 20030217001 Lost credit card notification system and method
116 20030208449 Credit card fraud prevention system and method using secure electronic credit card
117 20030204470 Method, apparatus, and code for issuing a dual credit card
118 20030200170 Free internet service provider backed by a credit card carrier - a new form of safe e-commerce method and system
119 20030172085 Size-dependent hashing for credit card verification and other applications
120 20030167231 Method and system for processing credit card payments
121 20030158781 Credit card substitute system
122 20030137146 Address credit card
123 20030135470 Method and system for credit card purchases
124 20030098257 Credit card-sized carrier for a medicament
125 20030094488 Bill processing apparatus with credit card reader
126 20030093373 Systems and methods for providing invoice-based billing information associated with a credit card transaction
127 20030085286 Secure credit card
128 20030078877 Method, system, and storage medium for pre-screening customers for credit card approval at a point of sale
129 20030075610 Electronic credit card-ecc
130 20030061156 Instant settlement system and method for credit card member stores
131 20030052163 Credit card double authentication system
132 20030046248 "SHIFT" (secure home interactive financial transactor) internet credit card security system and non-internet electronic banking system
133 20030046222 System and methods for providing starter credit card accounts
134 20030040356 Credit card for use in amusement machines
135 20030028481 Credit card system and method
136 20030018579 Virtual credit card terminal and method of transaction
137 20030014891 Non-rectangular shaped credit card with case
138 20030011809 Printing with credit card as identification
139 20030009426 Methods and apparatus for protecting against credit card fraud, check fraud, and identity theft
140 20030006901 Passive transponder identification and credit-card type transponder
141 20030006160 Accessory card or plastic money holder in standard credit card format
142 20020190118 Multi-use credit card for financial transactions and vehicle configuration
143 20020178115 System and method for supplying credit card information
144 20020178113 System and method for offering customized credit card products
145 20020170964 Credit card and bar code reader module
146 20020169717 System and method for installing a remote credit card authorization on a system with a TCPA complaint chipset
147 20020165808 Method for administering a credit card with a finance charge waiver period
148 20020163421 Personal fingerprint authentication method of bank card and credit card
149 20020161701 Debit or credit card transaction clearing house system
150 20020153424 Method and apparatus of secure credit card transaction
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