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Credit card transaction authentication system and method using mobile terminal

The present invention relates to a credit card transaction authentication system and method using a mobile terminal. There is provided a credit card transaction authentication system using a mobile terminal for performing a work of credit card authentication for a relay system of a VAN company connected between an approval system of a credit card company, which can approve a credit card settlement of the prices, and a transaction approval terminal, which requests credit card transaction approval by means of contactless radio-frequency identification for the mobile terminal containing a transponder therein. The present invention provides advantages that a cumbersome procedure in which the credit card should be handed over and taken again by the user upon making the credit card settlement can be eliminated, and stability of credit card information can be enhanced so that a commercial transaction can be briskly made.

Method and system for generating fixed and/or dynamic rebates in credit card type transactions

The present invention is directed to a method and system for dynamically generating and distributing rebates to a credit cardholder in response to credit card payment transactions initiated by the credit cardholder. The method comprises the steps of processing a credit card transaction initiated by a credit cardholder, storing transaction data corresponding to the credit card transaction in a transaction database, accessing the transaction data stored on the transaction database on a periodic basis to produce a billing statement listing a debt incurred by the credit cardholder, generating a dynamic rebate amount for effecting a discount of the incurred debt for the cardholder, and updating the billing statement to reflect the discount provided by the dynamic rebate amount.

Credit card driver's license

A system and method for obtaining driver's license credit card products is disclosed. Applicants who visit a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) facility to obtain a driver's license may be offered the opportunity to obtain a line of credit that is associated with their driver's license. After applicants provide credit information, the DMV facility generates credit validation requests that are sent to a credit card issuer. The credit card issuer determines whether the applicant is eligible to receive a line of credit based on information included in the credit validation requests. The credit card issuer generates credit validation responses based on the determination and sends the response back to the DMV facility. The DMV facility determines whether the applicants were each approved for a line of credit from the credit card issuer, and if so, generates a driver's license credit card product that may be used as a license to operate a motor vehicle and as a standard credit card.

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165 20020103767 Transaction and logistics integrated management system (TALISMAN) for secure credit card payment and verified transaction delivery
166 20020103736 Method for secure credit card entry into an online database
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169 20020095303 System and method for selecting a credit card processor
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172 20020087869 System and method of authenticating a credit card using a fingerprint
173 20020079363 Social action system using a credit card
174 20020062291 Touch scan internet credit card verification purchase process
175 20020046341 System, and method for prepaid anonymous and pseudonymous credit card type transactions
176 20020032657 Credit card duplication prevention system and method
177 20020032648 Method for installing credit card processing for internet merchants
178 20020029196 Vending machine for vending age-restricted products using a credit card and associated methods
179 20020027980 Method and apparatus for forwarding caller identification for a credit card or calling card call to an automatic number identification system or a telephone network
180 20020027837 Rewritable CD credit card
181 20020023054 Method and system for protecting credit card transactions
182 20020017568 Fabrication of a high resolution, low profile credit card reader and card reader for transmission of data by sound
183 20020014527 Sales system using credit cards, credit card verification device, and credit card
184 20020013766 Commercial settlement system with prepaid type credit card
185 20010056409 Offline one time credit card numbers for secure e-commerce
186 20010053239 Credit card fraud elimination system
187 20010051917 System integrating credit card transactions into a financial management system
188 20010050311 Gaming machine credit card
189 20010049655 Anonymous credit card
190 20010047336 Credit card management system
191 20010032184 Property linked-credit card
192 20010009542 Credit card-type data medium adapted for CD-ROM player or the like
193 20010005953 Display frame for photographs and the like and typically credit card-sized
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