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Multi-channel parallel digital video recorder

A multiple channel parallel digital video recorder system records simultaneously and continuously the favorite channels of a user. The recorder system stores programming content for a user to view at a later time. A multimedia control system can be connected to the recorder system and display in a matrix format the stored programming content that is available for review.

Managing a digital video recorder via a network

The aspects of the present invention provide a computer implemented method, system, and computer usable program code for managing programming for a digital video recorder via a network. The method includes receiving user instructions at a content manager, wherein the content manager receives the user instructions through a network. The method also includes executing the user instructions to schedule recording of content for the user. The method further includes responsive to a plurality of users designating the content, storing only a single instance of the content designated by the plurality of users to form common stored content. The method is also responsive to a request to view the content from a user in the plurality of users, transmitting the common stored content to the user in the plurality of users over the network.

Digital video recorder with jump-pause function

A television set, digital video recorder, or the like having a user-operable jump-to-start-and-pause function. When activated, such as via a remote control unit button or an on-screen menu item, the jump-to-start-and-pause function jumps or rewinds the currently playing video program to its beginning and pauses until the user e.g. selects a play function.

Patent NO. Digital Video Recorder Patent Title
1 20070199040 Multi-channel parallel digital video recorder
2 20070154170 Managing a digital video recorder via a network
3 20070098358 Digital video recorder with jump-pause function
4 20070090972 Airborne digital video recorder
5 20070053656 Method of setting recording end reservation time for instant recording in digital video recorder
6 20070036519 Digital video recorder having skip-to-interval-from-end button
7 20060227485 Method and apparatus for protecting a digital video recorder
8 20060218620 Network digital video recorder and method
9 20060184983 Wireless digital video recorder manager
10 20060176391 Digital video recorder
11 20060158514 Portable camera and digital video recorder combination
12 20060134941 Digital video recorder with slot type mainboard
13 20060127058 Digital video recorder to be connected to a digital video camcorder via IEEE 1394 serial bus
14 20060115058 System and method for controlling a digital video recorder on a cable network
15 20060078309 Home monitoring digital video recorder (DVR)
16 20050273828 Method for enhancing digital video recorder television advertising viewership
17 20050254517 Digital camera and digital video recorder for storing multimedia message
18 20050163464 Communicating a channel-change event from a set top box to a digital video recorder
19 20050147398 Digital video recorder disc labeling
20 20050111835 Digital video recorder with background transcoder
21 20050041952 Digital video recorder system with mobile monitor
22 20050032432 Digital video recorder with slot type mainboard
23 20040258243 Method for embedding watermark into an image and digital video recorder using said method
24 20040184773 Digital video recorder having a Internet phone
25 20040175123 Network camera with embedded hub and network digital video recorder system including the same
26 20040146282 Method for displaying information of data to be deleted in digital video recorder
27 20040146274 Digital video recorder, method of driving the video recorder and program
28 20040130623 Point-of sale (POS) system with built-in digital video recorder (DVR) and data handling method thereof
29 20040096198 Adaptive digital video recorder and method of controlling the same
30 20040071311 Network camera apparatus, network camera server and digital video recorder for preventing forgery and alteration of a digital image, and apparatus for authenticating the digital image from said apparatus, and method thereof
31 20040033052 PC-based digital video recorder system with a plurality of USB cameras
32 20040013406 Digital video recorder system with an integrated DVD recording device
33 20030086696 Method for recording digital video broadcast data, and digital video recorder
34 20030044170 Digital video recorder using circular file management and method of operation
35 20030044166 System for multiplexing video data streams in a digital video recorder and method of operating the same
36 20030043847 Apparatus and method for indexing MPEG video data to perform special mode playback in a digital video recorder and indexed signal associated therewith
37 20030026589 Smart card digital video recorder system
38 20020194610 Surveillance digital video recorder
39 20020154888 Remote control device with integrated display screen for controlling a digital video recorder
40 20020131765 Digital video recorder
41 20010049820 Method for enhancing digital video recorder television advertising viewership
42 20010007611 Digital video recorder with several video sources and multiplexer for such a digital video recorder
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