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Mattress having a spring unit with a single upper peripheral border rod locked within a chamber of a synthetic foam plastic material housing

A mattress includes a chamber defined by upper and lower panels and a peripheral border all constructed from synthetic polymeric/copolymeric plastic material and housing therein a spring unit. The spring unit includes a plurality of springs having upper ends connected to a peripheral border rod. The spring unit is devoid of a peripheral border rod at lower ends of the springs. Upper edges of the spring unit can be deformably gripped by the upper panel, the peripheral border and/or both to prevent "swimming pool" effect.

Maternity comfort mattress

A maternity mattress is disclosed which provides a cavity for accommodating the protruding abdomen of a pregnant woman as she lies in a frontally downward position upon the mattress surface. The maternity comfort mattress is essentially comprised of a foam core; of a cavity in the foam core for the enlarged abdomen of a pregnant woman; of a plurality of straps and a means to attach the straps to the foam core; and, of a removable cover to encase the entire device. Attachment and adjustment features are built in to the invention. These features include, but are not limited to, strips of material that have a loop and hook fastening means along two longitudinal sides of the mattress core and at each end of each of the straps.

Mattress structure

A mattress comprises a support plate having a plurality of mounting holes, a plurality of independent spring assemblies individually mounted to the support plate, and a cover enclosing the support plate and the plurality of spring assemblies. Each of the spring assemblies includes a tubular mounting member fixed to the support plate preferably by snap-fit through a mounting hole in the support plate, a sliding cap axially movable relative to the mounting member, and a spring acting between the mounting member and the sliding cap, wherein the spring is axially compressible when the sliding cap is forced in an axial direction toward the support plate. A spacer of chosen length can be provided to set preload on the spring. In a "flippable" embodiment, the mounting member includes a mid-portion snap-fitted to the support plate and upper and lower portions each having a sliding cap associated therewith, wherein the spring acts between the two sliding caps. In yet another embodiment, the sliding cap is replaced by a bellows attached to the mounting member.

Seating and/or reclining furniture and mattress with light-emitting means

The invention relates to a piece of seating and/or reclining furniture, especially a bed, which emits rays of light. In particular, a mattress (10) is provided with illuminants (12) in the mattress core (17) and/or in the cover (18), or between the mattress core (17) and the cover (18). The light irradiation, to which a person (11) is exposed promotes the stimulus for sleeping and/or waking up. The mattress also promotes therapeutic effects, for example wound-healing properties.

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201 20040237204 Mattress having a spring unit with a single upper peripheral border rod locked within a chamber of a synthetic foam plastic material housing
202 20040237199 Maternity comfort mattress
203 20040231057 Mattress structure
204 20040231056 Seating and/or reclining furniture and mattress with light-emitting means
205 20040221394 Air mattress apparatus
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207 20040216237 Air mattress with pillow top
208 20040215416 Automatic mattress selection system
209 20040194218 Mattress cavity cushion system
211 20040187209 Mattress hugging bed rail
212 20040181879 Baby Crib Mattress with Personal Label Attached having Adult Mattress Comfort quality , Style and Appeal
213 20040177449 Adjustable mattress and pillow system
214 20040176008 Mattress cover and a method of manufacturing the same, as well as a mattress
215 20040172766 Mattress made of latex foam including a structure of sacked springs, and mold for its manufacturing
216 20040172765 Mattress
217 20040172764 Mattress
218 20040164574 Mattress caddy
219 20040163181 Air mattress control unit
220 20040158930 Stranded mattress spring
221 20040158929 Stranded mattress spring
222 20040158928 Fire-retardant mattress
223 20040154105 Combination mattress and shipping container and method of use
224 20040148706 No-flip mattress systems and methods
225 20040143906 Multiple position air mattress system
226 20040140332 Backpack frame convertible to an adjustable mattress supporting cot with a tent supporting structure
227 20040139552 Mattress and removable mattress cover assembly
228 20040133987 Mattress structure
229 20040133986 Mattress and bedpan cushion system using an air pressure switch and reservoir
230 20040133985 Mattress lifter
231 20040128774 Mattress base for a massage bed
232 20040128762 Adjustable bed mattress clip
233 20040123385 Sleeping bag with replaceable air mattress
234 20040111802 Closure for a cover on a mattress and the like
235 20040107503 Inflation body structure for an air mattress
236 20040098805 Support base for a bed mattress
237 20040088790 Mattress cover with expandable sidewalls
238 20040083551 Conley mattress connection pad
239 20040078898 Mattress sheet
240 20040078897 Plastic mattress foundation
241 20040074008 Memory foam mattress system
242 20040074006 Quilted mattress cover with inverted seam
243 20040073999 Sofa sleeper with integral air mattress and valve
244 20040068800 Titanium mattress member
245 20040064896 Contour and topography adjusting massaging mattress
247 20040055086 Collapsible foam foundation system for supporting a bed mattress
248 20040049856 Mattress for bedding, and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
249 20040040134 Apparatus for inserting tuft assemblies in a mattress
250 20040040089 Mattress hugging bed rail
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