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Detachable mattress tent

A new two-sectional tent equipped with detachable air mattress for ideal means of cleaning as well as comfortable sleeping conditions for the occupant(s). The inventive device shall include a base support portion separating the sleeping mattress from the ground. Tent portion shall be secured to ground base by means of a zipper extending upwardly via the outer periphery of the tent portion. An air mattress shall be secured to the inner base portion of the tent structure proper by means of plural or doubled snaps, with each snap defined along the outer periphery of the mattress portion and inner periphery of the base. An air mattress is defined by mechanically- and/or self-inflatable interior air chamber. The air chamber interior consists of numerous support pockets extending along the upper/lower surfaces of the air mattress proper. The air mattress possesses a single air intake/discharge valve. The bedding portion shall consist of a pocket-style light-weight fleece blanket, and shall be attached to the main surface by means of Velcro eliminating the need for sleeping bags for the occupants. The mattress in the base unit, shall incorporate a single air chamber that when inflated along with the mattress will provide ample head/neck support for the occupant(s).

Inventors: Cornist, Kim Lamar; (Vacaville, CA)
Correspondence Name and Address: Kim Cornist
318 Mono Dr.

Serial No.: 012234
Series Code: 10
Filed: December 11, 2001

U.S. Current Class: 135/137
U.S. Class at Publication: 135/137
Intern'l Class: E04H 015/36




1. A tent comprising in combination: a.) A detachable shell portion extending upwardly from an outer periphery of the base, which detaches from base b.) A detachable base portion which acts as a covering for mattress that detaches from shell portion c.) Detachable mattress that detaches from base portion d.) A bedding for mattress

2. A male fastening means of two-way zipper for securing means of shell to base are attached to bottom periphery of shell extending perimeter of shell

3. A base comprising of: a.) Having a generally rectangular configuration. b.) A base portion having fastening means of button snap for securing to tent mattress of claim 1 c.) A base portion having female fastening means of two-way zipper at top periphery of base for securing to tent shell of claim 1

4. A mattress comprising of: a.) A first substantially pliable impermeable planar layer, b.) A second substantially impermeable planar layer attached to said first impermeable planar layer at the edges of said first and said second impermeable planar layers wherein an air tight cavity is formed between said first and second impermeable planar layers, and c.) A valve communicating between said cavity and the outside environment, where by when said valve is open said cavity may be deflated by compressing said first impermeable layer and said second impermeable layer. And wherein said cavity further comprising means for application of an external force to the surface of said cavity for expansion of said cavity with no additional internal means in said cavity to aid in said expansion. Further whereby when said valve is subsequently closed said air is trapped in said cavity to form said inflatable mattress d.) A plurality of button snaps extends outer peripheral of mattress for said fastening means to said base of claim 3.

5) The mattress of claim 4 wherein said mattress is incorporated into the base of tent of claim 3.

6) The mattress of claim 4 further comprising means for dividing said cavity into a multiplicity of sub-cavities.

7) The mattress of claim 6 wherein said means for dividing said cavity comprising a series of pneumatically connected chambers.

8) The mattress of claim 4 wherein said first layer and said second layer are polyethylene materials.

9. A mattress comprising: a.) An airtight compressible bladder, b.) Means for mechanically expanding said bladder to inform interior cavity within said bladder whereby a vacuum forms in said cavity when said bladder is mechanically expanded, said means for mechanically expanding said bladder further comprising means for external application of a force to a surface of said cavity for expansion of said cavity with no internal means within said cavity aiding in said expansion, and c.) Control means connecting the interior of said bladder to the outside environment. Said control means controlling the flow of air to and from said bladder. And said outside environment, whereby when said bladder is compressed said control means allows the flow of out-flowing air from said bladder to said environment. And when said bladder is expanded said control means allows in-flowing air to flow into said bladder, said control means further allowing the retention of said in-flowing air within said bladder d.) A fastening means of Velcro is secured to top periphery of mattress of claim 9, for securing means of bedding of claim 10 to mattress of claim 9.

10. A mattress bedding comprising: a.) Pliable material that extend the entire top periphery of said mattress of claim 9, for providing deal sleeping means for the occupant b.) Two materials secured together by impermeable material to form a pocket is secured to mattress of claim 9 by means of Velcro.




[0001] 1. Field of the Invention

[0002] The present invention relates to a sectional tent and more particularly pertains to a new tent encompassing a detachable shell, base and inflatable mattress, with bedding, for providing ideal sleeping means.

[0003] 2. Description of the Prior Art

[0004] Ongoing advances in methods to provide practical and livable means have improved in available tents. While new ways of assembly and breakdown of tents improve, problems continue to plague campers, such as cleaning and sleeping conditions.

[0005] Known prior art mattress tents include U.S. Pat. No. 5,642,750, issued in the name of Brown et al and U.S. Pat. No. 4,607,655 issued in the name of Wagner et al.

[0006] While these devices fulfill their usefulness the aforementioned patents do not disclose a new tent with detaching shell from base, or mattress from base. A tent portion is secured to and extends upwardly from an outer periphery of the base portion by means of a zipper. An air mattress is secured to the base interior periphery portion by means of snaps. Bedding is attached to the top portion of the mattress by fastening means of Velcro.

[0007] The air mattress is defined by an inflatable hollow interior. The hollow interior has a plurality of support pockets extending upper and lower surfaces of the air mattress. Mattress has an air inlet/outlet valve. In addition to bedding, which is attached to mattress by means of Velcro, bedding is made of a variety of cottons, fleeces and flannels, for keeping the occupant warm.

[0008] The preset invention disclosed a tent structure that addresses and simultaneously eliminates in a unique and novel manner both the art problems of having to discard tent if damage is done to the mattress, shell or base, more important than all eliminating having to sleep on the ground without having the support. The present Invention also eliminates the need to bring sleeping bags and/or covers.


[0009] In view of the foregoing disadvantages inherent in the known types of mattress tents now present in the prior art, the present invention provides a new tent with detachable shell from base. A singular detachable mattress with detachable bedding, additionally for providing sleeping conditions for one or more campers.

[0010] The tent of the present invention is fabricated from a fabric shell, whose radius is selected to be less than the height of the assembled tent. The bottom of the tent shell has fastening means of a zipper attached to the bottom of the material planar surface extending bottom edge perimeter for attaching to tent base. The fastening means of shell to base has means of two-way zipping. Detach entire shell from base if replacing is needed or unzip shell, leaving attached to base, for cleaning without full detachment.

[0011] The base portion of tent is made of tight knit fabric material. Base portion having a generally duplicated configuration as tent portion. The base has a planar top surface with fastening means of a zipper attached along the edge of top surface for securing fastening means to tent shell. Along the inside wall of base, in appropriate location in such manner to assure mattress has stable positioning, are fastening means of snaps, allowing minimal movement from mattress when secured to base.

[0012] Mattress is made of a vinyl polyurethane material and is attached to tent base by button snap combination thereof snaps can be located along one or more longitudinal and /or lateral edges of mattress for securing to base. Mattress can also be removed from tent for cleaning or sleeping on ground surface. A pillow is established in an internal longitudinal fashion of mattress for elevating the occupant's head.

[0013] Velcro fasteners provide exemplary fastening means. The Velcro fastener has a first side member attached along the top edge periphery of mattress for securing bedding. Bedding is for keeping occupant warm, the bottom of the bedding is Velcro that constitutes the attachment of bedding to mattress.

[0014] A further object of the invention is to provide a tent with detachable component and a mattress with the various feature of novelty, which characterize the invention.


[0015] With reference now to the drawing, and in particular to FIGS. 1 through 7 therefor, a new tent with detachable components, such as, tent shell, mattress with bedding, and detachable base. The detachable components make up the embodying principles and concepts of the present invention. Embodiment generally designated by the reference numerals 1, which will be described.

[0016] As best illustrated in FIGS. 1 through 7, the tent with detachable shell 1, base 4, and mattress 10; mattress having removable bedding 17.

[0017] A shell portion 1 is secured to and extends upwardly from an outer periphery of the base 4, with fastening means of a first side heavy-duty zipper 3.

[0018] The shell portion 1 has an opening entry of shell 2 therein, and A window 5 in the rear of shell. A plurality of loops 6 extending outwardly therefrom. The loops 6 are dimensions for receiving supporting poles 7 therein to maintain the shell portion 1 in an erect orientation.

[0019] The support poles 7 have free lower ends for penetrating a recipient surface. The figures illustrate the shell 1 in a dome-like configuration. However, either shape, or window configuration could also be incorporated into the device 1.

[0020] A base portion 4 has a planar top surface, which services as a pocket for the mattress 10. On inner surface wall of base 4, are female button snaps 11 in appropriate locations for attaching to mattress 10. Top edge periphery of base 4, is second side of heavy-duty zipper 3, to attach to the shell 1.

[0021] The mattress 10 is secured to the inside of tent base portion 4 by means of male snaps 8, which are secured to mattress 10 in appropriate location to match female button snaps 11 on base portion 4. A mattress 10 is defined by an inflatable hollow interior. The hollow interior has a plurality of support pockets 15 extended between upper and lower surface of air mattress 10. A large support pocket 16 is incorporated at top of mattress 10, for head and neck support. The air mattress 10 has an air inlet/outlet valve 12,13 incorporated together. The device 1 could incorporate any number of air mattresses 10 to accommodate a greater number of users. Atop of mattress 10 in each corner, are Hook & Loop Velcro stripsl4,18 for attaching bedding 17 to mattress 10. Mattress has Hook 14 portion of Velcro.

[0022] Bedding 17 extends the entire periphery of mattress 10, with attaching means of Loop portionl8 of Velcro. The Loop portionl8 of Velcro is attached to bottom of bedding 17 in each suitable corner, for attaching to mattress 10. Bedding 17 come in a variety of materials & colors to meet occupant's desires.

[0023] In use, the present invention allows individuals to inflate the mattress 10 to their respective comfort level. The air mattress 10 could be inflated by attaching an air device to inlet valve 12. A self-inflating mattress is also considered in the invention. The outlet valve 13 could be used to reduce the amount air within the air mattress 10 or total deflation. Once mattress 10 is totally deflated, it can be rolled up and stored and/or transported.

[0024] As to a further discussion of the manner of usage and operation of the present invention, the same should be apparent from the above description.

[0025] Accordingly, no further discussion relating to the manner of usage and operation will be provided.

[0026] With respects to the above description then, it is to be realized that the optimum dimensional relationship for the parts of the invention, to include variations in size, materials, shape, form, faction and manner of operation, assembly and use, are deemed readily apparent and obvious to one skilled in the art, and all equivalent relationship to those illustrated in the drawings and described in the specification are intended to be encompassed by the present invention.

[0027] Therefore, the foregoing is considered as illustrative only if the principles of the invention. Further, since numerous modifications and charges will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction and operation shown and described, and accordingly, all suitable modifications and equivalent may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention.


[0028] The invention will be described with respect to the drawing, of which:

[0029] FIG. 1 is a drawing showing front view of tent shell attached to base of the invention,

[0030] FIG. 2 is a drawing showing back view of the tent shell attached to the base of the invention

[0031] FIG. 3 is an illustration showing of tent shell, base and mattress and bedding, attached,

[0032] FIG. 4 is an illustration of tent mattress and base, with bedding detached,

[0033] FIG. 5 is an illustration of tent shell detached from tent mattress, without bedding,

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