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Seating unit with wheelchair base

A seating unit includes a seat, a back, and a support structure supporting the seat and the back. A wheelchair base frame includes a beam extending transversely across the wheelchair base frame. An adjustable extendable column extends between the beam and the support structure for adjustably supporting the seating unit on the wheelchair base frame. The support structure and/or the transverse beam can be constructed to receive the same structure as is provided on a standard task chair. By this arrangement, a plurality of similar chairs can be ordered, some having standard bases and others having a wheelchair base. Concurrently, the seating unit with the wheelchair base can include substantially all options and styling offered in the standard task chair.

Articulating quad-drive wheelchair

A self-propelled wheelchair with independently driven wheels and dual support frames connected in an articulating relationship. A front frame supports a seat and a rearward extended pivot connector. A pair of front wheels and left and right front drive units are connected to the front frame. A rear frame includes a forwardly extended pivot joint, a rear support platform having a power source thereon, and a pair of rear wheels and left and right rear drive units connected thereto. An articulating junction is formed by the front frame pivot connector attached to the rear frame pivot joint and providing articulation between the front frame and rear frame. A manually operable control unit includes computer circuitry in connection with each wheel drive unit, wherein manipulation of the control unit actuates each drive unit for control of rotational speed and direction of rotation for each wheel.

Wheelchair access system with stacking platform

A wheelchair lift system having a stacking platform for use in conjunction with a vehicle. The wheelchair lift platform includes a first portion with an elongated support having fixed and moveable platform sections and a linear actuator powerable for moving between outboard and inboard positions. When stored in an upright, vertical orientation, one section of the platform is stored in a stacking or overlapping fashion behind the other section and stored upright inside the vehicle. Upon deploying the platform to its horizontal orientation, the two sections of the platform form one continuously coplanar lifting platform with the moveable platform section moving relative to the fixed platform section. A linkage system couples the moveable platform section for linear movement with the linear actuator for an orientation with the moveable platform section stowed as being stacked or overlapping with the fixed platform section. The actuator may further employ a pulley with a connector coupled to turn the pulley and a drive to move the platform.

Obstacle traversing wheelchair

A wheelchair suspension is provided. The wheelchair suspension includes a frame, a pivot arm, a front caster, a drive assembly, and a rear caster. The pivot arm is pivotally coupled to the frame. The front caster is coupled to the pivot arm. Movement of the drive assembly in a first direction causes the pivot arm to substantially remain in a first position. Movement of the drive assembly in a second direction urges the pivot arm away from the first position.

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