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Electric wheelchair simultaneous gear change structure

The present invention is an electric wheelchair simultaneous gear change structure, comprising a structure that includes two separate oscillating plates, oscillating plate one and oscillating plate two, as well as hinge connectors placed on either end of the central connecting shaft connecting oscillating plate one and oscillating plate two, and on oscillating plate one's other end there is a hinge connection connecting to an outer connecting rod, and the other end of the outer connecting rod is connected by a hinge connector to the gearshifts, so that when a pulling motion is made on the gearshifts it acts to pull on the oscillating plate on the outer connecting rod, so that oscillating rod two on the central connecting rod is made to more simultaneously, and in this way two engine boxes are acted on simultaneously.

Inventors: Lo, Chen-Chuan; (Hsin-Chuang City, TW)
Correspondence Name and Address: Chen-Chuan Lo
P. O. Box No.6-57
Chung-Ho City
Taipei Hsien

Serial No.: 924728
Series Code: 09
Filed: August 9, 2001

U.S. Current Class: 180/65.6
U.S. Class at Publication: 180/65.6
Intern'l Class: B60K 001/00





1. An electric wheelchair simultaneous gear change structure, wherein, engine boxes are positioned on both sides of the wheel body, and, in which gearshift axle rods are positioned on the engine boxes so as to allow for the use of a gearshift; and the unique characteristics are as follows: on the two gearshift axle rods there have been securely secured oscillating plate 1 and oscillating plate 2, so that on different ends of a central connecting rod oscillating plate one and oscillating plate two have been attached through hinge connectors, and that on the end comprising oscillating plate one there is a hinge connector connecting an outer connecting rod, and on the other end of the outer connecting rod there is a hinge connector connection with a gearshift.

2. An electric wheelchair simultaneous gear change structure in accordance with claim 1, wherein, to suite the practical requirements of assembling the gearshift onto the wheelchair body, hinge axle drives have been attached to axle stands on both ends of the wheelchair body, and in this way providing a benefit to the operator in the action of pulling on the controls.

3. An electric wheelchair simultaneous gear change structure in accordance with claim 1, wherein, the hinge axle on the gearshift and outer connecting rod has been provided with a universal connector to effect the connection, thus making the connection motion flow more smoothly.




[0001] 1. Field of the Invention

[0002] The present invention is related to an electric wheelchair simultaneous gear change structure, more particularly, an electric wheelchair structure that allows for a process whereby when one hand is used to pull a gearshift the effect is registered on the engine boxes on both sides of the wheelchair.

[0003] 2. Description of the Prior Art

[0004] As is shown in FIG. 1 showing the structure of an electric wheelchair's back wheels, engine boxes (S) are placed on an electric wheelchair's left and right hand side wheel body (T), and on both the left hand and right hand of the wheel body, gearshifts are installed (S1), so that the user is able to utilize gearshift (S1) by switching to a neutral gear of the electrical wheelchair, or to make use of a hand pushing motion to control an electric gear.

[0005] Thus, for conventional wheelchairs controlling the motion of the wheelchair involves many inconveniences of operation, one of these being that to effect a gear change it is necessary to stop or get out of the electric wheelchair, as switching gear involves utilizing the two gearshifts (S1) to effect a gear change in the two engine boxes (S) in order to control the electric wheelchair. This arrangement does not only cause inconvenience (gears in both engine boxes must be changed simultaneously) for the user, it can also result in potential danger; one handed operation can mean that the user may twist his or her body around to operate a control, and in this way upset the electric wheelchair's balance, causing it to fall over.


[0006] The present invention utilizes two gearshift axle rods, on one of these oscillator plate one has been firmly connected and on the other of these oscillator plate two has been firmly connected. On the central connecting rod there are two hinge connectors to connect oscillating plate one and oscillating plate two, and on the other end of oscillating plate one there is hinge flange connecting it to the outer connecting rod, which is connected on its other end to a gearshift via a hinge connection, so that when the gears are pulled the outer connecting rod pulls to move oscillating connector one, and oscillating plate two on the central connecting rod moves simultaneously, so that in this way both engine boxes change gear simultaneously, which is the main object of the present invention.


[0007] FIG. 1: Shows structure of back wheels of conventional electrical wheelchair.

[0008] FIG. 2: Shows exterior view of the present invention's preferred embodiment.

[0009] FIG. 3: Shows movement of gears of present invention.

[0010] FIG. 4: Shows simultaneous movement of engine boxes of present invention.


[0011] Refer to FIG. 2 in respect to basic structure of the present invention, The important part of the structure is the mechanism on an electric wheelchair's engine boxes allowing for simultaneous gear change, wherein engine boxes (4) are located on both sides of wheelchair body (T), and on these engine boxes (4) gearshift axle rods (41) have been installed; the main point here being that oscillation plate one (11) and oscillation plate two (12) have been installed on these gearshift axle rods, and that oscillation plate one (11) and oscillation plate two (12) are connected by hinge connectors to a central connecting rod (22), and that oscillation plate one (11) is connected to an outer connecting rod (22), which in turn is connected by a hinge connector to a gearshift (3). In order to meet the practical requirements of wheelchair body assembly, a hinge axle (61) is connected by a hinge connector to an axle stand (6), so that when the operator makes a pulling motion the gearshift (3) and the outer connecting rod (22) are able to connect via a universal connector (5), thus making the connection motion flow more smoothly.

[0012] Please refer to FIG. 3 and FIG. 4. When the operator pulls on gearshift (3) this acts to pull the outer connecting rod (22), which sets in motion oscillating plate one (11), and because the central connecting rod simultaneously sets in motion oscillating plate two (12), the gearshift axle gears (41) on the two engine boxes (4) are able to turn simultaneously, which in turn acts to simultaneously activate the two engine boxes. The positioning of the gearshifts (3) can be assembled according to the practical requirements and convenience of the user, moreover, the design can be affixed or assembled onto existing wheelchair body designs, and the system whereby operation of one control acts to effect the operations of the other control in an identical way provides for a good deal more convenience of use and safety.

[0013] By way of the movement of the outer connecting rod and gearshift of the present invention, when the gearshift is pulled, the outer connecting rod will act to pull oscillation plate one, causing oscillation plate two (12) on the central connecting rod to move simultaneously, which will then produce a simultaneous and identical effect on the two engine boxes. Moreover, the connecting position of the gearshifts on both sides can be assembled so as to suit the practical requirements of the operator, and in this way increase the convenience of operation and safety of the device. Having demonstrated the feasibility of the prefered embodiment of the present invention, a formal application for a patent covering this new model is hereby made.

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